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So here we go again – another autumn programme

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So here we go again – another autumn programme. Ready for it? No, me neither.


don’t panic! You never will feel truly ready for another season of youth work (says he after 37 years in the job). And there are quickfire ways of getting yourself a bit more up to speed – not least via the Internet.

For instance, if you’re still asking yourself the question “What am I doing it for?”, there are plenty of places where you can think through your philosophy of youth ministry. There’s an interesting Wesleyan perspective at, and Ryan Neilsen’s Nine Basic Beliefs are worth ruminating over too. Not many of us, I guess, would agree with Family Ministries, but most wouldn’t have worked out why not, so read their challenging argument and see how you’d answer it. Ablaze Connection will help you see just how one-dimensional you might be, and provide good questions to help you work out your own healthier thinking.

If you still need a bit of programme inspiration, Youth Ministry Ideas have some freebies that might help. Ideas for games are everywhere, two of the best (as we’ve mentioned before) being Egad and Funattic . YouthIdeas has loads of talk or discussion ideas, many related to well-known films. For offbeat illustrations and the germ of new ideas, there’s a great blog called (I’m afraid) Damn Interesting , where you can learn strange facts about things like the sex life of bananas, and ponder how on earth to use them to teach discipleship and sanctification.

If you need to sort out your schedule and make sure you’re using your time well, Producteev is already (slowly) performing that role for me. It’s a to-do list, but a very flashy one. You can send it notes of new tasks from your mobile or your computer; you can even forward e-mails you’ve received, asking you to do things, and those e-mails will be turned into tasks automatically. Then you can put the lot into a manageable calendar, and guess what – Producteev will then send your schedule off to Google Calendar, or Outlook, for you. It works really well, looks good, and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Which is maybe what they’ll be saying about you in a few weeks. If you get your act together now, that is!