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Can the Internet help you to teach young people how to share their faith? Yes, it can – and you needn’t look further than YouTube. Christians have posted thousands of video clips on the subject of personal evangelism, and some aren’t all that bad. Highfields Church, in Cardiff, has produced a punchy presentation of five top tips from evangelist Roger Carswell. It’s talking-heads stuff, but he’s engaging and honest, and his obvious enthusiasm is inspiring. ‘How to Share Your Faith’, a mildly comic send-up of stilted 50s training films, explains simply how to tell your own story.

Explaining the Gospel’ is a teenage-directed demonstration of how to use the tried-and-trusted ‘Bridge of Life’. ‘Graffiti Bridge to Life’, from the Billy Graham people, does the same – less simply, but much more trendily, utilizing rap, graffiti art, decks and arresting camera angles. And ‘How to accept Christ’ uses the ‘Bridge’ too, but adds in verses and questions people can use alongside it.

So we’ve covered ‘how to explain the message’ and ‘how to tell your story’. One vital skill remains: how to answer questions and objections. Next time we’ll see what YouTube has to offer there...

April 2010
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