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The Internet II

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Can you employ the Internet to teach young people how to share their faith? Yes, you can. In fact, there are so many resources we’ll tackle this in three instalments!

First: show them why it’s important. Steelehouse has an engaging and forceful (if rather American) presentation of why teenagers are important in evangelism. Myths and Facts gives an Australian perspective on excuses Christians make. And Send Me is a really touching soliloquy which would be great to end a session, thoughtfully and challengingly.

Next, show them how not to do it. There are some very funny ‘don’t do this’ videos made by teenagers – we’ve listed three of the best – and a rather more polished, adult Australian one, which might still appeal to teens because it shows somebody’s Dad floundering just as badly as kids do. But how do you teach them what they should do? Next time, next time...

How not to share your faith:

March 2010
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