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Hardships and Difficulties

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Romans 8:28 is a wonderful verse; it’s realistic about the hardships and difficulties of living for God in today’s world, but also gloriously full of promise and hope.

Bring it alive by screening Andy Parsons’ powerful reading (or part of it, if your group would be boggled by too much theology - see below) and Matt Redman’s powerful song ‘Through It All’. The Pencil Parable is a crisp five-minute lesson in how to survive hardship and keep going; and the experience of Christians (especially teenagers) under persecution can add a powerful real-life dimension to your teaching. This video isn’t sensationalist, but provides reliable facts and arresting stories. Finally, for a reflective closing item, play them ‘He’s Concerned’, which unpacks the verse to the background of a thoughtful little song.

October 2010
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