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Everybody learned about Jonah in Sunday School. How do you make the story relevant and challenging for teenagers?

First, remind them of the details. There are endless portrayals online, in Lego animation, cartoon or even mime (I've mentioned one very creative effort - see clip below). Essortment's short article offers key teaching points; Biblestoriesforadults offers discussion questions tied to passages from all over Scripture; and there's even an MP3 talk attached, as there is with Kiwi Tim Bulkeley's excellent study notes.

Is Jonah a historical account? I've listed three sites providing evidence (i, ii, iii), but see also C S Lewis's comments and Josh Gellett's thoughtful approach. ('The author is firmly committed to the inerrancy and inspiration of Scripture,' he assures us.)

Finally: please don't re-tell the mythical William Bartley story - a 19th-century fisherman did not reproduce Jonah's feat!

November 2010
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