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The Life of Jesus

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How much does your group really know about the life of Jesus?

Retrace it with a timeline from Bible Timelines, JesusCentral (very useful ‘timeline after Jesus’ takes the early church story further), or ReJesus, the most elaborate. These pages show the life of Jesus as a timeline. There are four different ways to view it. You can see the major events in Jesus’ life, from his birth to his death and resurrection. You can also look at his parables and sound bites, and at his miracles. Play Larry Norman’s The Outlaw to pose the question of his identity, and One Solitary Life to show how remarkable the story was. For an amusing curtain-raiser, use Ben’s interrogation of the vicar from Outnumbered.

To illustrate episodes from Jesus’ life, the Jesus Movie is useful – especially because the dialogue is based firmly on Luke’s Gospel, so no imaginative flights of fancy there. Finally, I’ve suggested some links to sensationalist stuff should you wish to demonstrate how many wild irrational ideas float around.

December 2010
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