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Parable of the Sower

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The Parable of the Sower has a lot to say about evangelism, responses to the gospel, growth and discouragement, the influence of others, and much more. So not surprisingly, if you’re planning to teach about it, you’ll find lots of videos re-telling the story on YouTube. My favourite is the Max7 version – no words, so you could add your own commentary, or play it unannounced then test their powers of recall - but there’s an excellent older cartoon from Crossroads, or if you don’t like cartoons, a slideshow version from Amelia Church of Christ. Stunning pictures, music and voiceover - brilliantly done.


If you want to see what great Christian heroes have said about this parable, there’s a Spurgeon sermon to listen to (read by Greg Koukl) and a Luther sermon to study. If you want to check what other youth workers have done with the story, try Jon Jolly’s ever-helpful collection of resources (he’s a youth worker in Sussex with stacks of generously-shared good ideas); or look at Youth Work Practice, a fantastic collection of German youth stuff helpfully translated into English for your benefit. REQuest has a worksheet, which conjures up many creative follow-up activities, and Rainbow Express based a whole children’s holiday club on this parable – tracing it through the life of Peter. Although aimed at children, their very thorough PDFs suggest numerous ideas. Applying the parable, and asking, ‘Why do people reject Jesus?’ you’ll find Greg Koukl’s two-minute answer a useful discussion trigger. And why not throw in a story of some ‘good soil’ – like Dina from Indonesia, who found Christ quite unexpectedly.

January 2011
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