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Talents and gifts

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Ask each of your group to share something they have done this week with their talents and gifts e.g. skate boarding, drawing, singing. If they cannot think of anything, ask their friend to suggest something for them. Ask: do you enjoy using this talent? How often do you use it? What do you gain from using this talent?

Read Matthew 25 v14-30. Ask: why was the master so angry with the third servant? What does it mean to use your talents unfaithfully? As Christians, what should our primary motivation for using our talents be? What does Jesus promise we will receive when we use our talents wisely and to the glory of God?

Give everyone a piece of paper. Ask them to write their names at the top, then to pass the paper to the person on their left. Then each of them has to write something positive - preferably a talent - they see in the person named on the paper they are holding. Then pass to the left again and repeat until they receive their own piece back. Encourage them to quietly read the list and to thank God for the characteristics and talents that He has given them. Remind them that as a group we only see what each person offers, but God sees every bit of us and designed us just the way he wants, for His use and purposes.

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