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Super heroes

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Kick off a discussion by showing your young people a collection of images of superheroes. Look in current comic books or online - has some weird and wonderful offerings! Consider...

* What makes a superhero?
* What are the morals by which they live?
* What are they fighting for/against?
* In their world, is it as simple as good vs evil? Who or what is classed as bad?

Hold a 'Superheroes Weekend' and watch the films Superman Returns and Nacho Libre (both out in the UK on DVD for Christmas) together. Compare and contrast the superheroes within these films. What are their similarities and differences? Who thinks they are 'super'? What are they fighting against? What is their cause? What does the viewer learn from their actions?

During your 'Superheroes Weekend', prepare a talk to present at the front of church on Sunday titled 'Why Jesus should be our real Superhero'. It may sound cheesy, but you could learn some really interesting stuff about Jesus while preparing for the talk, and your young people will get a chance to consider/reconsider the reason for Jesus coming to earth and his mission.

Hold a Superhero Party to round off the weekend and ask everyone who comes to dress up as his or her ideal/favourite superhero. Create a 'super wall' in a corner of the room and ask people to write up what superpower they would like to have and which good deed they would do with that superpower.

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