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Microsoft Word

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Two for the price of one this time. Do you use Word? And do you ever need to re-cast documents, shifting a paragraph here and another one there? Or do you take notes from the Internet when you're preparing a talk, then print it all out in one?

If so, use the 'Spike' feature. It's fantastically powerful and easy to use - but not many Word users know it's there. I've listed a helpful guide.

You aren't a Word user? OK, here's another tip. Sometimes you stumble across videos that would be really, really useful... later. But you don't have time to watch them right now. Five minutes later, you've forgotten the address. Radbox takes care of that. One click, and the video's saved for watching later. You can amass a whole pile while you work, then review your collection when time allows. Simple and brilliant.

November 2010
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