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Simple notes

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We all need to keep notes: little details we don’t want to forget, websites we want to revisit, dates that haven’t quite made it into a diary yet... and I guess many PC-using youthworkers will use Microsoft’s Notepad to store them.

But Notepad is just too basic. I can take instant notes... but how do I share those notes with other people? And if they’re on my school computer, how do I access them from home? Well, this month I’ve been testing SimpleNote, which provides your notes on any number of computers, plus your mobile, and files them in a way which allows instant retrieval. I’ve found it enormously useful – especially because there’s a PC-based application (ResophNotes) which meshes perfectly with your SimpleNote account and keeps everything synchronized. And Mac users, there’s a similar freebie app for you as well. So finally your instant note-taking can travel with you anywhere. Brilliant!

December 2010
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