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Youth Worker Lee Wyatt posted the following on our Facebook page:

"Just have a quick question to ask everyone. I have been using SU's 'The Grid' resources for my 11-14's but I dont think its the right thing for them. Can anyone recomend any other resources they use? (Other than the awesome content in Youthwork Magazine of course)."

We re-posted the question and got a stream of responses, so thought we'd collaborate a list of 11-14's resources that are available and what our readers say about them. If you have anything to add to the list, feel free to comment below.

  • theGRID from Scripture Union - does it work for you?
  • Energize from Urban Saints - "very credible, easy to use / search n print off whole bespoke plan from website / not too expensive. We've tried most things but nothing really touches Energize!!"
  • CY Nano from Christianity Explored - "we've just done this with our lot. There's plenty of material and games to link in with what ur looking at together. You might have to tailor it slightly for your group, as we did cos there is a lot of bible to get throught each session. It's great for learning about Jesus and really accessable for non Christians!"
  • Mettle from YFC - "it's aimed at older young people but my 11-14's were a bit more grown up so it worked well." [YFC also produce the Rock Solid and RS2 courses, aimed specifically at 11-14's]
  • And of course, don't forget Youthwork magazine. Each months edition includes four 'Adaptable Meeting Guides' and, as the name suggests, each one comes with notes for adapting for older/younger groups and well as churched/un-churched young people as appropriate.

Let us know below if you've used any of these courses, and what your thoughts on them are!

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