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Plan B

Oversubscribed universities will leave many would-be students disappointed as A-level results are released this summer. Martin Saunders looks at the options available to school leavers who are unsure of their next step.

Staying sane in youth work

Youth workers face pressures from all sides and can often neglect their own mental health. Dr Rob Waller explores the issue and highlights some fundamentals for keeping mentally fit.

Dealing with Depression

As cases of depression among young people increase, Dr Kate Middleton considers adolescent characteristics that leave you ng people prone to depression and look s at how we can help.

Youth Ministry and the children of divorce

One of the world’s pre-eminent youth ministry thinkers, Dr A ndrew Root, writes from his extensive research on the effects that parental divorce can have on young people, and the vital role youth leaders can play during this time.

The silent epidemic, and me

Rachel Welch, Director of self-harm charity Selfharm.co.uk , tells her story from self-harm to healing and the part the church played in her journey - for better and for worse.


Kate Middleton unpacks eating disorders.

A session plan on Understanding self-harm, by Rachel Welch.

A session plan considering the issues around bereavement and parental divorce, by Pete English.

A meeting guide looking at self-esteem, by Rebecca Hamer.

This time of year brings about worries and stress like no other, no it’s not the impending A-level or GCSE examinations, nor is it the anxious wait to see if your phone has been hacked by the local papers – it’s the football summer transfer window...

Steve Griffiths looks at those who have given their lives for their faith. This regular resourse is designed for Youth Workers and Chaplains using the Lectionary.

This special issue was brought to you by Premier Mind and Soul:

The Liquid Manga Bible Study

Commissioning event for schools workers

Sixth-formers lead the way in battling poverty

Adaptable Meeting Guides

Eating Disorders
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It is a rare privilege when people working in emotional health get to guest edit a main stream magazine...

How much thought do we put into our own mental and emotional health and well-being as youth workers? Rob Waller looks at how we can establish strong foundations that will ensure that we don't over-commit or burn out, and prepare us for the inevitable tough times in youth ministry...

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