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The only thing less excusable than going to the cinema to see a Disney film on a Wednesday afternoon by yourself, is going to the cinema to see a Disney film on a Wednesday afternoon by yourself and laughing UNCONTROLLABLY loudly. So it was with me and Frozen.

Addictions. Bereavement. Mental health issues. Truancy. Self-harm. Just a FEW of the things youth workers face on a day-to-day basis. How do we stay emotionally well under so much pressure? Director of Premier Mind and Soul and church leader Will van der Hart draws the boundaries.

Steve Sexton has come up with a rather unusual way of getting young people into church: he pays them. Ingenious or mad? Editor Phoebe Thompson investigates.

The ‘NekNominate’ drinking meme which wreaked havoc across social media sites has been blamed for numerous deaths. The trend (also known as neck and nominate) is thought to have originated in Australia and involves someone filming themselves downing an alcoholic pint (normally beer) before nominating two or three others to do the same. As the nominations spread around the world the drinking videos got more intense, both in terms of the content of the drink (mixing spirits, wine and beer) as well as the context (extreme ones have seen people down drinks in public places, on water slides, and while wearing either a lot of, or little, clothing).


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Episode 40, with special guest Jill Rowe! Jill from Oasis comes with answers to all your questions! Which super power should she have? What’s up with Lloyd’s trousers? How do you connect young people and older people? The Premier Youthwork Podcast – entertaining AND informative.

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Are we just taking groups of young people abroad to have a nice time?

The EDL (English Defence League) has typically been made up of men. But, as BBC3 Documentary EDL Girls showed, an increasing number of young women are joining the ranks of the movement. Jamie Cutteridge analyses this new trend and asks: why is the EDL popular?

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