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Jenny Baker talks to the leaders of Christian organisations and asks: is the parachurch a brilliant
support to the local church, or a drain on its resources?

Dear Prof, I have a group of Christian young people who don’t see a problem in getting up to all sorts on a Saturday night, and in fact most of the week outside of church. They know it’s wrong but they don’t care; they know that their youth group still accepts them and Jesus still forgives them. How should we respond?

Phoebe Thompson on what we can learn from Miranda Hart (and other famous people’s Wiki bios)
One of my favourite pastimes is reading biographies of famous actors and actresses. Unlike the sophisticated among us – who purchase inspiring books from respectable book stores on successful individuals – I happily scroll for hours through Wikipedia entries on the latest soap stars.


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New intern! New guest! New words being spoken! The pirate ship of the podcast airwaves, The Youthwork Podcast, welcomes aboard new shipmate Anya, and guest Jim Roberson who tells us all about his new book The Discipline Coach.

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Anya Briggs on the challenge of humility

Humility. It’s not a popular word. You certainly wouldn’t hear it being banded across the school cafeteria and whispered about during classes. In fact it’s not secret that one of the biggest concerns for teenagers today is how they come across the others. But this isn’t what I’m here to say.